Report Viewer


The Report Viewer displays the report generated by the Preview Report (for DBReport) option of the Report Range Viewer.

Tip: Drill-Down Reports
Drill-down fields are displayed in red. When you double-click on a red field to 'drill down', a new report viewer will be opened displaying the detailed information.


Required for the Preview Report Option.

This functionality applies when displaying SAMPRO reports if the registry option described in sys-ffv-global-settings Report Auto-Scroll is implemented. Vertical scrolling is now capable of automatically advancing to the 'next page' once the user has scrolled to the bottom of the current page.  Similar functionality exists for upward scrolling and automatically moving to the 'previous page'.

Important Fields:

You may use the scroll bars to move up or down the current page (or the entire report if Auto-Scrolling is implemented). The Next and Previous page buttons move from page to page.

This field displays the number of the page currently on the screen. To display a different page, type its number in this field and then press the Tab key.


The first and last page of the report will appear in these fields when the report viewer is first opened, so that by default the entire report will print. These fields may be adjusted by the user to limit the pages printed. For example, to print only page 2 of the report, a 2 would be entered in both the From and To fields.

The number of copies to print: this field is set to 1 by default, but may be changed by the user.

This box controls the sequence in which multiple copies are printed. By default, this box is checked so that multiple copies of a report would be sequenced as follows:

p1 p2 p3 p1 p2 p3 etc.

Clearing this box will result in non-collated printing:

p1 p1 p2 p2 p3 p3

This non-collated version enables users to easily print multiple-part copies of invoices and other reports on collated colored laser paper. The number of copies should be set to the number of colors in the collated paper. Be sure that the multi-color paper is loaded in the printer, and that the correct drawer is selected.

Important Buttons:

image\SKIN1_AddComments.gif Add Comments to Selected Report Page

 image\SKIN1_Search.gif Search for text on the report

 image\SKIN1_SaveToDisk.gif Save the report to disk.

 image\SKIN1_PageNext.gif Displays the Next Page of the report.

 image\SKIN1_PagePrev.gif Displays the Previous Page of the report.

 image\SKIN1_Printer.gif Sends the report to the printer.

 image\SKIN1_SendEmail.gif E-mails the report as an attachment .