Report W2 Electronic File


This report may be run to satisfy electronic / magnetic media reporting of W2’s to the Social Security Administration as well as certain State and Local Taxing Authorities (note that the State EIN should be set in the State Tax Authority record).

The report dated 1/23/2014 and above supports W2 Magnetic Media reporting with the FICA MCAD  Tax Table for high wage earners. This report also provides generalized support for State and Local magnetic media reporting for all state and local authorities that accept the federal (IRS/SSA) file definitions. Note that special processing for CA, KS, KY and MN is also supported for this report. A special version of this report, W2EF-MD.rpt should be used for Maryland: click Report Electronic File (Maryland for details on this specialized report.

Hint: Do Not Use Commas in Employee Names
If a comma is included in an Employee Name (last name Smith, Jr.) your electronic file will be rejected.

Registry Entries:

You will need a PIN number from the SSA to include in your SAMPro registry entry.

The following registry entries must be completed before running this report:

Registry Entry W-2 Electronic Files / Magnetic Media

Registry Entry W2 Electronic Filing Report

The Registry Entry Federal EIN and Registry Company Name Entry must be also be set correctly.


1. You must register with the SSA in order to upload your file. Visit for general information on filing and registering. You will also be able to download the AccuWage software that will allow you to error-check your file before submitting it.


2. Verify that an up-to-date version of RW2EF.rpt has been installed in your database and all your registry entries have been completed properly.


3. Run Report W2 Electronic File.

W-2 Year:
Complete this field for the specified W-2 Year.


Only fill in the state box if you are specifically doing that state electronically.


Local/Other Authority
If this field is completed with a valid Local or Other Tax Authority AND the State field is also completed, the report will be filtered for the Local wages for that authority. On the Audit report, Federal, State and Local Taxes withheld (for the specified Authority) will be totaled.

If the State Field is completed but the Authority field is blank, the Report will be filtered to the State. On the Audit report, Federal, State and Local Taxes withheld (for all Local/Other Authorities for that State) will be totaled.

If the State and Authority fields are both blank, the Report includes all States. On the Audit report, only Federal withholding will be totaled.


Unless you are only running this for a specific employee, the Employee range should remain blank.


Executive PR:
If you are an Executive Payroll user, this field will default to Y; to run this function for all employees (Executive or not) clear this range. If your User record is not flagged as Executive Payroll, you will only be able to run this function for other non-Executive users even if you clear the filter.


Audit Report:
To print a summary of w2 information for your files, click this box. Note that this does NOT generate the electronic file that you will submit to the SSA.

4. When the output (not the audit file) appears in the report viewer, click Save to Disk and select the type of Text.

5. A Windows save file box will appear: you must change the name of the report file to RW2EF (do not specify a file extension, this will be done for you). Remember where you saved the file!

For Federal Reporting:

6. Verify your File with AccuWage: the webpage includes a link to the downloadable AccuWage software. You should install this small program on your system so that you can test your file before submitting it online.

7. Upload your file as specified in the social security website.

For State and Local Reporting:

Following the information provided by the applicable taxing authority.