Return Authorization Viewer


This function is used to generate the paperwork that you require your customers to use when returning items purchased in Client Order Processing.


When your client returns the RA paperwork and the item(s), mark items as received in this viewer.

Next, issue a credit memo in the Sales Journal with the RA Id entered on the Other tab. When you do so, the items on the RA will be returned to inventory.

Registry Entries

Registry Entry Return Authorization

Important Fields: Upper Section

RA Id:
This field will be completed by the system when you save the record.

Client Id:
The client requesting the return. Enter the Client's Id or double-click to select from a list.

Date Issued:
The official issuance date for this RA. Enter the date in mmddyyyy format or press Spacebar to enter today's date.

Location Id:
The Location the items will be returned to.

Use this field to enter an explanation of the return, or enter any other comments.

Date Received:
Complete this field when the item on this RA have actually been received.

Important Fields: Lower Section

Inventory Item Id: Serial/Id Id:
Enter the Inventory Id and (and the serial or lot number, if applicable) of the item being returned.

Order Id:
Enter the Client Order Id the items were purchased on. The system will alert you if the Inventory Item was not on this order. The Qty Ordered, Unit Cost, Unit Price and Repacking Charge information from this order will be displayed.

The quantity of this item being returned.

If a Client Order is referenced in a Return, the system now validates that the current Return Quantity does not exceed the original Quantity Sold less any previous Returns for the same order.

U Cost:
The cost of the item.

U-P Credit:
The Unit Price you will credit the customer for.

Extended Cost: Credit Amount:
The system will calculate these fields based on the Quantity, U Cost, and U-P Credit you entered.

Check this box (by double-clicking on it or pressing the spacebar) if this item has physically been returned. The system will default in the Qty Rec'd when you do so.

Qty Rec'd
The quantity of the item that has been physically returned.

Date Rec'd:
The date the item was physically returned.

Briefly describes this line. Optional.

Substitute Item:
This field defaults from the Client Order.

Important Buttons:

image\PRINTER.gif After saving this record, click the Print button to print the RA Report.

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