Reversing Journal Entries

1. Access the transaction that you wish to reverse in the appropriate journal viewer.
If the transaction that you wish to reverse already has correcting/reversing entries, you must access the most recent entry. For example, if you wish to reverse transaction 166 and the system shows 166, 166-01 and 166-02, you would select 166-02. Note that you cannot reverse an entry if its Next Id: field is filled in.

2. Delete all the lines in the transaction detail section in the lower part of the viewer.
Use the Delete Line button to delete all the lines. The table should be empty after you have done so.

3. Change the header values to zero as appropriate for the journal (e.g., set Hours to 0, etc.).

4. Click the Change Record button.
The system will do the following for you:

A. Create a new transaction entry with a dash and sequential number, indicating that it is a changed entry.

B. Create the reversing entries for you.

C. Fill in the Next Id: field in the original entry so that it cannot be further modified.