Save Report to Disk Button

image\savedisk.gif Version 7.3+: image\SKIN1_SaveToDisk.gif

To save a copy of the preview report to disk, click the Save to Disk button on the side button bar. Next, select the report format:

PDF: This option saves the report in .PDF (Adobe Acrobat reader) format. Note that the Java components must be installed on your system for this option to work - contact your support representative for details.

DBReport: This option saves the report in the standard Data-Basics format; these reports may be displayed with the DB Report function.

HTML: Saves the report in an HTML format; these reports may be displayed with Internet Explorer.

Text: Saves the report as a text file.

CSV: Saves the report as a comma separated value file that may be displayed with a spreadsheet such as Excel.

Click OK to save the report or Cancel to end.

If you clicked OK, the system will display a Save File box enabling you to select a location where you want to save the file. The system will provide a default name for the file based on the report name.

If an identical filename already exists in the directory, the system will ask if you want to overwrite it. If you click Yes, the existing file will be overwritten with the new own. If you click No, you will be returned to the Save File box: at this point, you may change the filename (retaining the filename extension) so that you can save it without overwriting.