Saved Reports and Bitmaps

Any time a DBR is saved, it stores the registry values in the DBR file itself. Namely, the bitmap directory. When that DBR file is opened in SAMPro, it will recall the old bitmap directory to go out and find the logo to print to screen.

In the event of a server move, that bitmap folder may no longer exist. Especially in the case of using UNC file paths (Ex. \\SERVER1\Share\ -> \\SERVER2\Share\ -OR- \\SERVER1\Share\ -> S:\).

SAMPro uses the following steps to find a bitmap logo to display on the report:
1) Look in the DBR file for the old bitmaps directory.
-- If not found --
2) Look in the sys-report-*** registry for a 'bitmaps' setting.
-- If not found --
3) Look in the \bitmaps directory in the SAMPro root folder

\bitmaps or \Bitmaps will work. The filename it is looking for here is the filename stored in the bitmaps setting

Example:  S:\docs\bitmaps\quotes\quote1.bmp -> S:\SAMPro\bitmaps\quote1.bmp