Scan Document Button (Side Bar)


If scanning has been set up on your system (see Scanning Documents for details), this button will enable you to scan an image / document and attach it to the selected record.

1. Before clicking the Scan Document button, verify that the scanner is turned on, and that scanning is enabled in the record window. The Record you are viewing must be previously saved with no changes for scanning to be enabled!

2. Click the Scan Document button. The Scan Document Wizard window appears instructing you to ‘Load Next Document to Scan’. Insert the document you wish to scan in the scanner and then click the Scan Page button.

3. The Wizard will ask ‘Did Current Document Scan Ok’. After the scanner acquires the image and the Transferring Data box disappears, click the Yes button. If the Transferring Data box did not appear and the scanner did not seem to scan the document, click no and verify that the scanner is operational.

4. The Scan Document Wizard will prompt you to load the next page to scan. If you are scanning a multi-page document for this record, click Scan Page and repeat the scanning process. If you have scanned all pages for this record, click Finish.

5. The scanned page(s) are now attached to the record. They may be viewed by clicking the Attachment button located just above the Scan Document button. Note that multiple pages may be viewed from the ‘OtherFiles’ tab of the Document Viewer.