Scan With NAPS2


SAMPro has used a program called Acquire for a long time to interface the program to the local scanner. This program has not been updated or changed in many years. Due to the introduction of 64bit machines and newer Operating Systems, there have been problems with some environments recently. Due to this, we have another created another method for scanning. The program is called NAPS2. The current version is 2.6.3.

The NAPS2 interface may be enabled for all users or on a user by user basis via registry.  


1.       You must install your current scanner to the PC. You must install at least the WIA driver for your particular scanner. You can also install the TWAIN driver if provided. Please verify that you scanner will work on the PC. Once that is done, you will need to install the SAMPro scanner software.

2.     Install the SAMPro interface software (naps2-5.5.0-setup.exe or higher); this will be available from your SAMPro support representative. Install the program on every PC that is going to scan using this protocol. Once set up, you must open up the program and set up a Profile.



3.       Click on the Profiles button and then click on Add and enter in a Display name. The name is IMPORTANT because it is the profile SAMPro will reference. In this example, I will name it SamproWIA.


You can use either the TWAIN Driver or the WIA Driver. We recommend using the WIA Driver since it is the default in most Windows versions. Click on the Choose Device button and select the scanner you will use.

There are two settings that can be used. One is the “Use predefined settings” and the other is “Use native WIA UI”. If you use the predefined settings, you can set all of the settings that will be used EVERY time you scan. If this is not acceptable, you can use the native WIA settings. This will pull up the software interface that was installed with your scanner. This will allow you to change settings each time you scan. There is a process when using this setting which will be explained later.



4.       Once the above has been done, you will need to set up the registry setting in SAMPro. There are two ways to set up the registries in SAMPro. Either in the sys-document-archive (global setup) or in the user record's Registry tab. The settings are the same, just in different places.


Setting Key                         Setting Value

scanProgramName              NAPS2

scanProgram                      C:\Program Files (x86)\NAPS2\NAPS2.Console.exe

scanProfile                          SamproWIA


The scanProgramName will always be NAPS2

The scanProgram will be the directory where it was installed. Note the .exe file is NAPS2.Console.exe, not the NAPS2.exe

The scanProfile is the name you put in NAPS2 when you created the Profile. They must be identical.

The registries must be entered in the User record or…….


In the registry sys-document-archive setting for ALL Users who scan. (Note that I disabled the Acquire setting)


Scanning is the same as Acquire. If you decided to use the native software UI, there is one thing to Note. There will be two windows that open up: the NAPS2 Console in a command prompt window and the native software UI. The UI may be behind the console.

You can minimize the Console, but do NOT CLOSE it. When you are done scanning, you will need to close the UI interface by closing the window by way of the “X”. Do not cancel, or you will not have a scan to be saved. After you close the UI, the console will automatically close.