Service Channel Overview


The ServiceChannel FMMS Data Bridge provides an automated interface between Sampro and ServiceChannel’s FMMS web site. The Data Bridge provides the following services:

Transference of service requests entered on the ServiceChannel web site into the service provider’s Sampro system.

The ability of Sampro service dispatchers to accept or decline incoming service requests.

The attaching of accepted service requests to Sampro work orders.

The ability of uploading Proposals to ServiceChannel from Quote Master.

The posting of Check-In and Check-Out messages received from ServiceChannel to work orders.

The forwarding to ServiceChannel of changes to a work order’s status.

The forwarding to ServiceChannel of changes to a work order’s ETA.

Uploading invoices to ServiceChannel when they are generated in Sampro.

Registry Configuration Settings

See Registry Service Channel (sys-FMMS) for the registry settings required to support the Service Channel data bridge.

Note that it will be necessary to obtain a vrstry.cus file with the FMMS option enable to support the Data Bridge.

Operational Scenario

From a Sampro user’s point of view, Sampro/ServiceChannel interactions go as follows:

- The service requester logs into ServiceChannel’s web site and initiates a service request.

- ServiceChannel forward’s the service request to the service provider’s SAMPro system where it appears in the ‘Web Log’.

- Within SAMPro’s New Call function, the dispatcher or other user double clicks on the Web Log Id field. A list of unacknowledged service requests will appear.

- When the dispatcher picks a new service request from the list, a window showing details of the service request pops up. An example appears in the Appendix to this document.

- After reviewing the service request, the dispatcher selects one of three buttons appearing at the bottom of the window:

 Cancel – Returns to New Call. The service requests stays on the Web Log list.

Decline – The dispatcher is asked to choose from a list of permissible reason codes. After a reason code is selected, ServiceChannel is notified that the service request has been declined and the service request is removed from the Web Log list.

Accept – The service request screen is closed and the New Call process continues with certain fields automatically populated with information gleaned from the service request. If and when New Call results in the creation of a new Sampro work order,

- A Note containing the contents of the service request is attached to the work order.

- The service request is removed from the Web Log list.

- If the service requestor requires a proposal before commencing work, the user can create a Sampro Quote and upload it to ServiceChannel as a Proposal. The Proposal can include previously incurred charges.

- As technicians use ServiceChannel’s IVR system to check-in and check-out of work orders, the Data Bridge automatically updates the work orders accordingly.

- Sampro tracks the work order as it changes status and ETAs. Service Channel is automatically notified when either of these changes takes place.

- When the work order is invoiced, a spreadsheet containing invoice details is assembled and emailed to ServiceChannel. The Invoice Date uploaded to Service Channel now includes the time using the format 'mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm' where the hh:mm represents the current time.

Reverse Posted Invoices

When ServiceChannel work order are billed, the invoice is automatically uploaded to ServiceChannel. This release supports the automatic resending of the re-invoiced invoice. Specifically, when an Invoice Master is marked as 'Reversed', any FMMSInfo records meeting the following requirements are located:

The FMMSInfo record's wrkordr_rn field matches the reversed Invoice Master's srvceinvce_wrkordr_rn field.

The FMMSInfo record has it's fmmsinfo_invce_qd column set to "Y".

IF any such FMMSInfo records are found, their fmmsinfo_invce_qd column is reset to 'N'.

Work Order Document Viewer

ServiceChannel Upload
The 'ServiceChannel Upload' button will appear on the Document Viewer's list and record screens if the Work Order is integrated with ServiceChannel. Pressing this button from the Document list will give a checklist of all attachments to allow the user to select multiple attachments to send at once. Pressing from the Document record will upload that single attachment. The attachment(s) will be emailed to ServiceChannel where they will be processed at a set interval and attached to the ServiceChannel system.