Service Recommendations

Service Recommendations in SAM Pro and in TechAnywhere are handled differently.

In SAM Pro:

Service Recommendations are used to generate notes to the Client Site. These notes are created by completing a Work Order (thereby launching the Service Recommendation wizard) or by clicking the Service Rec's button on the Work Order Viewer.

In TechAnywhere:

Service Recommendations are used to generate Web Logs. Web Logs may be used to create Work Orders from the New Call viewer.

In CRMAnywhere:

In CRMAnywhere, there isn’t a Service Recommendations page, but the New Call facility generates Web Logs that may be turned into Work Orders from SAM Pro's New Call. Therefore, if you are using both CRMAnywhere and TechAnywhere, your web logs may come from these two sources. The Weblog Type field may be used to distinguish them.

Registry Entries:

If the Service Recommendation wizard is not launched when a Work Order is completed, it is because the Registry Entry (sys-ffv-global-settings) Disable Service Recommendations option has been set.