Service Tasks List Viewer


Create and maintain lists of Service Tasks to serve as checklists for your technicians for PM's and Installations.


Service Tasks Lists can be used for Work Orders marked as Installation or PM's. For PM's, you could include a list of the individual tasks to be performed:
 Pressure check boiler
 Check lines and bleed for air
 Check for gas leaks

A Service Tasks List for an installation might include a list of the procedures to be performed and other information specific to the equipment being installed.


Optional for PM and Installation Work Orders.

Referenced in records: Work Order, Client Site Equipment, and Client Site Equipment PM Schedule.

Important Fields: Upper Section

This viewer is divided into two sections. The upper section includes the Id and Name fields for this Service Task. The lower section lists the service items that are to be performed.

Service Tasks Id: (15 character, only . and - special characters)
A unique Id. This field is required.

Service Tasks Name: (30 character)
This optional field briefly describes the Service Task Type.

Estimated Hours
The number of estimated hours for completing this task. This field provides the default value for estimated hours in the Client Site Equipment PM Schedule that is used to generate PM Work Orders.

If this field is checked, the record is considered Obsolete, and it may not be directly specified during data-entry (either by entering the Id or selecting it from a list). Obsoleted records can be edited and the Obsolete option can be un-done when necessary. When you check the Obsolete field, the following message box will be displayed:

“You have elected to obsolete this record. Would you like to see existing references to this record?”

If you click Yes, the system will display a viewer that provides click-through access to all tables referencing this record: see References List for details.

Important Fields: Lower Section

Service Task Description: (60 character)
Lists the individual items to be performed or other information to be included in the Work Order. Enter as many lines as needed.

When creating a checklist, begin each task listing with an underscore character to remind the technician to check it off as it is performed:
 __ Check pressure
 __ Bleed air lines

This field is currently not used by SAM Pro.