Start Inventory Item Last Cost Update

This Starter would be implemented for an installation that needs the ability to write Crystal Inventory reports using an Item’s Average Cost and/or Last Cost. Normally, these fields are computed on the fly when an inventory item is accessed. When this new Inventory ‘Starter’ Function is run it will update:

- the Average Cost and Last Cost fields in the Inventory Item using current logic (invntryitm_unt_cst_avrge and invntryitm_unt_cst_lst).

- the Date/Time/UserID of when this function was last run in the Inventory User 2 field (invntryitm_usr2).

WARNING: This function should NEVER be run if the Inventory Item User2 Field is used to record information required by your company.

This function should ideally be run after hours and just before the Crystal (or other) report is run. If changes to the data (e.g, creation of new po’s) have been made the function is run, they will NOT be reflected in the report.

Important Fields:

Inventory Item Id: Inventory Group Id:

These range fields enable you to limit this function to specific inventory items or groups.

For example, to only update inventory items belonging to the groups Controls and Motors, you would enter


In the Inventory Group range.

image\go.gif Click the Go button to run the function. The system will display a progress bar as it runs. Note that only those items whose costs need to be changed will be updated.