Set Date Button


The Set Date button on the top button bar enables you to reset the scheduled date of the selected work order directly from the Dispatch Board or to add an additional date to the work order.

Changing a Scheduled Date

1. Select the Set Date button to display the upper section of the Dispatch Board as a calendar.

2. Click on the dispatch that you wish to reschedule in the Work Order List to select it; this is especially important if several calls are scheduled for the same day. This dispatch is now highlighted on the calendar with a yellow outline.

3. Point to the highlighted date on the calendar and hold the left mouse button down. A small square will appear at the bottom of the mouse pointer.

5. Drag to the date you want to move your selected dispatch to.(Alternately, you can drag the Dispatch directly from the Work Order List to the desired calendar date.)

6. Release the mouse button. If you rescheduled the dispatch outside the date range currently selected on the board, the dispatch will no longer appear on the board. Simply reset the Date Range to view the dispatch.

Adding a Service Date

The Set Date view of the Dispatch Board also lets you create additional work order dates as well as change the date scheduled. This feature corresponds to adding a line to the Technician tab of the Work Order.

1. Select the Set Date button to display the upper part of the board as a calendar.

2. Select the work order that you wish to add an additional date to.

3. Next, depress the Ctrl key. While holding down the Ctrl key, drag the dispatch to the desired new date and release the mouse button and the Ctrl key. One additional line will now appear on the board. At this point, simply repeat the drag and drop operation to create any additional lines required.

Note: The Available Hours mode of the Technician Status summary may be used in conjunction with the Graphics view of the lower portion of the dispatch board to change the Date Scheduled/Technician Assigned from the current date through next month.