Setting up and Using COD Jobs for New Call 2

Setting up COD Templates for NEW CALL 2:

1. Add/Change Registry setting for ‘sys-newcall’ (SiteSearchNew=true)

2. Create a Template Client (s) for each non-AR/c.o.d. client (e.g. COD)

3. Create one Template Site for each Sales Tax Group (if you have 25 sales tax groups, you will need to create 25 template sites).

Enter the Sales Tax Group on the Site’s COP tab.

Set AR Terms to “COD”

(e.g. COD-Phoenix, COD-Tempe, COD-Mesa, etc).  


The Quote Report Id (QuoteDefaults tab) and the GL Entity Id (COP tab) are defaulted from the Client Site template to the new Client Site created by this function.

4. Create a Job for each Sales Tax Group. In the Job template:

Set AR Terms to “COD”

Set the CLIENT to the non-AR/c.o.d. template.

Leave the SITE ID blank/empty.

Set the Sales Tax Group and Job Tax Status.

5. Create Billing Items & Cost Codes for each template Job (e.g. COD-Phoenix, COD-Tempe, COD-Mesa, etc)

6. In Equipment viewer, create Equipment/Services for each COD SITE Template.

Set the ‘Default Service Job to its associated COD Job (for the sales tax group).

Setting up Residential COD Sites and Equipment for use with NEW CALL 2

Sites: You don’t need to create COD Jobs or Clients for Residential COD Sites, only the Sites themselves are needed. The AR terms field in the Site must be set to COD.

Equipment: Create Residential Site equipment with ‘default service job’ that points to the correct COD job (by sales tax group).

Tips on Creating “New COD Sites” in NEW CALL 2

The middle section of the screen will list all Template SITES with AR Terms of COD. The user must pick the correct COD Site (by sales tax group) from the list before adding the call.

Entering the ZIP Code will auto populate the City/State for the user. The new Site will be created using the SERVICE ZONE and BRANCH from the ZIP CODE* table (not from the template site).