Shop Order Journal/Close Shop Order


In some customizations (EMI) this viewer is used to close out the financial information on a Shop Order.


Required to complete Shop Order financial processing for EMI. Note that Shop Orders may also be closed out directly from the Shop Order viewer (e.g., Keystone).

Important Fields:

This viewer is divided into two sections. The upper portion displays the header information for this transaction. The lower section lists Job Cost Codes and amounts applied to this order.

Important Fields: Upper Section

Order Id:
The Shop Order Id. The Job and Inventory Item Id's will default when this field is entered.

Quantity: Total Completed:
The system maintains these display-only fields. The Quantity field defaults from the Shop Order record. The Total Completed field is calculated from Job History, including changes made to this entry in real time.

Check the Close? box by double-clicking on it (or pressing the Spacebar when the focus is on it). When you do so, the system will automatically enter the Qty Completed for you.

Qty Completed
The quantity of this item that was completed in this Shop Order.

Effective Date:
Enter an effective date for the financial transactions generated by this close. To enter today's date, press the Spacebar. To access the Calendar to enter any date, double-click on this field display the Calendar viewer.

Period Id:
Enter the Id of an active Accounting Period (batch) this journal entry is assigned to. Note the Effective Date must fall within the Period Start Date and Period End Date of the Period.

Job Id:
The Job this Order pertains to. This field defaults when the Shop Order Id is specified, but may be changed by the user if needed.

Inventory Item Id:
The Inventory Item created by this Shop Order. This field defaults when the Shop Order Id is specified, but may be changed by the user if needed.

GL Account Id:
Generally, the Work In Process account. This field defaults from the Shop Order.

GL Entity Id:
The profit center this Shop Order is assigned to.

Unit Cost
This field will update the Inventory Item Record's Last Cost field. The Expensed Total display-only field shows the real-time total of expenses allocated to this order.

Transaction Id:
This field is generated by the system when this transaction is saved or modified.

Optional. Briefly describes this transaction.

Entered By: Date Entered: Time Entered:
These display-only fields are maintained by the system.

Important Fields: Lower Section
This transaction detail is automatically generated by the system based on Labor and AP entries for this job. As many additional lines of detail as needed many be included in this transaction.

Job Cost Code Id:
A valid Cost Code for this job.

This display-only field defaults from Labor journal entries for this Job Cost Code.

Labor Cost: Burden Cost: Material Cost: Subs Cost: Other Cost:
The amount to be expensed for this Job Cost Category will appear in the appropriate column; this amount may be adjusted manually.

GL Acnt:
The GL Account to be expensed .

The GL Entity (profit center) to be expensed.