Spell Check

Spell Check

Spell checking functionality may now be enabled in your system. It is recommended that you contact your support representative for assistance in doing so.

This enhancement provides Spell Checking for the contents of selected fields. Spell checking is implemented when the user exits the field. The spell checker then checks the spelling of the field contents. No visible action is taken if the field passes this test.

If the field fails the preliminary spelling check, a Spell Check Dialog Box is displayed. This box allows the user to accept or correct the spelling or to add words to the Lexicon maintained on your system.

When the Spell Check Dialog Box is exited, the field contents are set to the corrected value. If the user Cancels the Spell Check Dialog Box, the field contents is left unchanged.

Detailed help for all spell checking option may be obtained by clicking the Help button on the Spell Check dialog box.

Also see: Start Spell Check Options Maintenance and Start Spell Check Dictionary Maintenance for information on these administrative functions.


Support Setup and Registry Help: Spell Check Setup