Standard Schedule of Values


The records in this viewer are used as a model when importing WBS Budget data to define Job Billing and Cost Code records when necessary for 'standard' construction jobs.

See WBS Overview for additional information.


Each Standard Schedule of Values record defines a unique combination of a Billing Item Id, Discipline Id, and Skill Id. The table specifies the Billing Item Group, Billing Item Id and Billing Item Name that will be used when importing WBS Budget data for which Billing Items and Cost Codes do not yet exist. During the import, if a combination is not found in the table, the system will create and set the Billing Item Id to a default value “Unassigned”.

Related Registries:

See Job WBS Registries for Job record settings for the WBS Import.

See Job Billing WBS Registries for Job Billing Item settings for the WBS Import.

Important Fields:

SoV Id:
This display-only field will be generated by the system when the record is added.

Discipline Id:
Skill Id:

Enter the unique Disciple and Skill records that define this record. Typically, the Discipline is  further defined by the Skill. For example, if a Discipline was Pipe Fitting Field Install, the Skill would indicate the material of the pipe (e.g., Carbon Steel, Copper, etc.).

When the WBS Import creates a new Cost Code, the defaulting of its Work Type is as follows: Set the Cost Code's Work Type to Field only if both the Skill and Discipline both have Work Types of Field. Otherwise, the Cost Code has its Work Type set to Office.

SoV Bill Item Id:  SoV Bill Item Description:
These field provide the text used to generate the Billing Item  and Job Cost Code's Id and Description when they are created via the WBS Import.

SoV Billing Item Group:
These field specifies the text written to the Billing Item Group field (on the Billing Item's Invoicing tab) when the Billing Item is generated via the WBS Import.

SoV User 1-5:
These fields are used to update the Job Billing Item User fields 1 thru 5 during the processing of the WBS Import.

Reserved for future use.