Alarm Board


The Alarm Board is used in conjunction with Escalation Manager to view and acknowledge Alarms.

Important Fields:

Date: Time:  Notification Text: Status: Event Id: Description:
Email Subject: Email Address: Email Text:
Double-click on an alarm to access the underlying Work Order or Web Log.

Important Buttons:

image\ack.gif Click to Acknowledge the selected Alarm.

image\refresh_off.gif image\refresh_on.gif The Refresh button on the side button bar enables you to temporarily toggle off the auto-refresh so that you can easily acknowledge your alarms without the board changing state under you. Turn refresh back on when you have completed your acknowledgements.

image\big_filter.gif The Filter Records button appears at the top of the Alarm Board viewer. It enables you to filter alarms so that only those of interest to you will be displayed. These filter ranges will by saved when you exit SAM Pro, and will be restored when you log back on and start up the Alarm Board.