Start Archive Record Change Log

Start Archive Record Change Log


Performance when opening viewers can be negatively impacted by the number of records in the record change log table. This table is automatically maintained by the system and lists the record that was changed, the user that changed it, and the date and time of the change. This new function's purpose is to provide a means of managing the table’s size without losing any data as this function moves the selected rows from the record change log table to the record charge log archive table. The advantage of this function is that the system does not have to access or write to the archive tab each time a record is accessed or saved.


This function executes without screen input so that it can be scheduled to run after hours using the Scheduled Event Manager. By default, the most recent 10 days of change log data will be retained in the change log table, while change log data older than 10 days will be moved to the change log archive. The number of days of data to retain can be controlled by the following registry entry.


See Registry Archive Change Log to specify the number of days’ change log data that is retailed in the Change Log table.