Start Archive Work Orders


This function is designed to allow high-volume customers to set older Work Orders to an Archived status. To be eligible for archiving, the Work Order’s Date Closed must be blank (set to 1900-01-01).

When a Work Order is Archived, a Tech line will be added set to the Log Type of Archive which will override all other statuses when setting the Escalation Status and Status Category. If the WO's Date Work Completed is set, it is now used for the archived Tech line. If the Date Work Completed is not set, the archived Tech line has today's date, as before.

To ‘unarchive’ a Work Order, the user can simply delete or change the ‘archived’ Tech line and save the Work Order.

Archived Work Orders will not appear on the Dispatch Board, but are still listed in the New Call WO pane.

Clicking the Archived button on the Work Order List filters the list to Archived Work Orders only.

Related Functions:

See Start Autoarchive Workorders for an archiving function that runs as a scheduled event.


This function may be run by the user to archive selected work orders.

Warning: use with caution if many work orders are being archived (e.g, the first time the function is run) – it is a CPU intensive function.

Important Fields: Range Screen

Date Opened / Date Closed:
At least one of these fields must be completed. Workorders opened on or before the Date Opening, or closed on or before the Date Closed will be archived (subject to entries in the other range fields.

WO's with a blank Date Closed (set to 1900-01-01) are excluded from this function to prevent open WO's from being inadvertently archived.

Date Completed:
This field allows the user to include only those Work Orders whose Date Work Completed falls on or before the selected date (subject to the Date Opened Date Closed settings). If this field is completed, Work Orders whose Date Work Completed is blank will also be excluded. If this field blank, the Work Order's Date Work Completed will not be considered by this function when generating the checklist.

Client Site ID, Job ID, Work Order ID
These fields enable you to archive only specific work orders, or only those associated with specific jobs or site.

Site Status:
This field could be set to inactive to archive closed work orders for inactive sites.

Escalation Status:
By default, this range is set to

billed,cancelled,completed,no bill

This range should be used with caution for completed work orders, however, as they may have unbilled revenues!

 When all fields are correctly completed, click the Go button to proceed. A checklist of all work orders corresponding the criteria you specified will be displayed.

Important Fields: Checklist Screen

This field enables you to select which work orders will be archived. By default, all work orders are selected. Double-click on the Do field to select or deselect an item (alternately, press the spacebar when the caret appears on this field); an "x" appears in the Do field when that work order is selected.

Work Order Id: Site Id: Job Id: Site Status: Escalation:
These fields are displayed for informational purposes so that you can verify which work orders should be archived.

Important Buttons:

 Click the Check button to check (select) every item on the list.

 Click to de-select every item on the list.

 When you click the Go button, a Tech line will be added set to the Log Type of Archive to all selected work orders. This will override all other statuses and set the Escalation Status to Archived.