Start Backorder Filling


This function enables the user to fill backorders for both Client and Shop orders at the same time.
When this function is run, the system auto-fills the quantity allocated by cycling through each parent item and distributing the Quantity Available to the Quantity Allocated for as many child lines as possible. 


Although this function was originally designed for use with Material Requisitioning, it is also recommended for Client Order and Shop Order Backorder filling instead of the older View Back Orders and View Back Orders for Shop.

By default, Obsolete Locations and Inventory Items are now excluded from Start Backorder Filling. A registry (see below) may be implemented to have Start Fill Backorders include Obsolete Items and/or Locations.


See Registry Entry Start Backorder Filling to control the order in which backorders are filled and to allow obsolete items and locations to be incluced.

Important Fields: Upper Section

Location Item Id Inventory Item Name Available Shop BckOrd Cust BckOrd Unfilled Status

This section lists backordered items that are eligible for transfer. Click on a line to view/adjust the allocation.

Important Fields: Lower Section Detail

To Allocate:
The system will default the quantity to be allocated for this Shop or Client order, but this field may be adjusted by the user.

Order Id: Type: Ordrd: Allctd: Bckrdrd: Order Date: Promised:
These display-only fields are maintained by the system to help the user select which backordered items to allocate for transfer.

image\go.gif Click the Go button to allocate the selected inventory to the shop order and or client orders that require it.