Start CPP Time Import


This Starter provides an import function for adding time and job cost information collected by Complete Payroll Processing’s (CPP) Web based time sheet program to the Sam Pro Labor Journal. The CPP Expense Import function may be used to import employee expense.


The Starter function allows a user to browse to a CPP populated .csv formatted file, open the file and have its contents imported into a data edit screen for review, possible correction and ultimate import into SAMPro. Once imported, the time data will be editable via the standard SAMPro Labor Journal just like time manually entered into the Labor Journal. There will be a unique Labor Journal transaction for each employee/payroll period combination specified in the import file. There is no planned functionality for “un-importing” or reversing the data after a successful import is completed.

Security will be set on imported entries using the same logic as manual Labor Journal entries.

Negative hours (indicated by a leading minus) are supported in version 9.1 and up


The first line of the file is considered to be head information and will NOT be imported. The file definition for the .csv (comma separated ASCII) file is as follows

Field 1: Hours- 999.99 (required)

Field 2: Effective Date- yyyymmdd (required)

Field 3: Work Order Id-up to 10 char. alpha numeric.

Field 4: Job Id-up to 15 char. alpha numeric (required if work order id not specified)

Field 5: Job Cost Code-up to 30 char. alpha numeric (required if work order id not specified)

Field 6: Job Cost Category Id- up to 15 char. alpha numeric (required)

Field 7: Pay Type Id- up to 15 char. alpha numeric (required)

Field 8: Payroll Period Id- up to 15 char. alpha numeric (required)

Field 9: Employee Id- up to 10 char. alpha numeric (required)

Any field that currently defaults when entering time into the Labor Journal but not specified in the file layout will continue to default based on current default rules. For example, the Job Billing Item which isn’t being supplied in the import file will default from the Job Billing Item stored in the Job Cost Code specified in the file. The Labor Rate Id, also absent from the import file, will default from the stored Labor Rate Id in the specified employee record.


Registry CPP Time Import

Registry Time Import


When a user launches the starter function, a standard Windows browser launches so that the user can navigate to the location of the import file. When user selects the file and open, the system will generate an editable selection screen containing a two-row entry for each row found in the import file. The top row will display only the values found in the import file; the bottom row will display editable, validated matches found in the Sam Pro database.

Duplicate Handling:
The CPP import now supports enhanced duplicate handling.  When processing the import file a message will come up at the end with ‘Import completed’ with errors and it will open a work area that will list the errors.  This work area can be saved or printed.  Once the errors have been corrected the user can re-run the import file.

Important Fields: Checklist

Do Skip
Check Do to process this entry; Check Skip to skip this entry.

Emp. Id Import Hrs Eff. Date PayPrd Id: WO Id: Import Job Id: Cost Code Cost Cat: Import Pay Type:

The top row is from the import file, and may not be edited.

Emp. Id Hours: Eff. Date Payroll Period: WO Id: Job Id: Cost Code Cost Cat: Pay Type Id:

The bottom row list the Sam Pro defaults, and the WO Id, Job Id, Job Cost Code, Job Cost Category and Pay Type Id may be edited. If Sam Pro does not have a matching database value for a specified field in the import file (i.e. invalid Work Order, Job, Cost Code, Cost Category, Employee, Effective Date, Payroll Period or Pay Type) the Sam Pro default line value will be left blank and importing of the line will be prevented until a user manually provides a valid value.

If the system finds an exact duplicate entry already existing in the Sam Pro Labor Journal, the word “Duplicate” will be displayed on the row and the Do check box will be automatically un-checked. The user can override this condition by re-checking the Do box.

After verifying the import information and making any necessary corrections the user will push the GO icon and the system will create and post all necessary Labor Journal entries in Sam Pro. There will be one Labor Journal Transaction Id for each employee/Payroll Period combination found in the import file. A message “Successfully imported” will be displayed.