Start Close Open POs


This function is to close Purchase Orders that are either NOT fully received or NOT fully vouchered and are never expected to be.  This is accomplished by resetting individual PO Line quantities (Ordered and Received) to match line Vouchered Quantities.  Once its ‘open’ lines have been ‘cancelled’, the PO can be closed by this function.


This function should only be run if the Inventory Receipts Journal is NOT being used. It should ONLY be run if items are always received on the Purchase Order.

In version 9.1 and above, this function automatically excludes POs that have one or more lines with net IRJ receipts <> zero in case it is inadvertently run where receipts are not exclusively made on the PO.

Permission to run this function should be limited as its inappropriate use can cause irreparable damage to your Purchasing system. The user will be warned of this each time the function is initiated.

See Start Close Completed Purchase Orders for a related function.

Important Fields: Range View

Date Opened Cutoff:
The Date Opened Cutoff is used to select POs that are eligible to close.  A PO’s Date Entered must be on or before the Date Opened Cutoff to be considered.

Date Closed:
Each PO closed by this process will have its Date Closed set to the value entered in this field. This date must be part of an Active Accounting Period.  Currently there is no validation logic for this so it’s the user’s responsibility to pick an appropriate date.

Include Credit POs?
Include TA POs?

The Include Credits POs and Include TA POs options are not currently available. Credit PO's and PO's generated from TechAnywhere are excluded from this function.

Range Fields:
Several range-type fields (Vendor Id, Vendor Name, etc.) are available to be used as needed.  

PO Id:
By default, the PO Id Range is filled in with the characters 'XXX'. The user must explicitly complete this field with a PO Id or clear it.  

Each PO meeting the above criteria is considered when the Go button is clicked. SAMPro will generate a checklist of PO's to be selected for closure.

Important Fields: Checklist

POs having one or more ‘open’ lines are displayed in a check list viewer showing information about each qualifying PO.  Individual lines can be selected or de-selected.

PO Id: - Vendor Id - Lines to Close - Job Id and Name - AR Invoice Id:
WO Id: - Total Job Cost - Client Id and Name - AP Journal Id:

 When GO is clicked on the Checklist, each selected PO is processed as follows:  

Set the PO’s Date Released equal to the Date Closed input option value.

Reset the Accounting Period to one that includes the new Date Released.

Set the Quantity Received and Quantity Ordered equal to the Quantity Vouchered on each child line.

Delete all child lines with new Quantity Ordered equal to zero.

If all child lines have been ‘closed’, set the PO’s Date Closed, Received-in-Full and Vouchered-in-Full fields.

Save the changed PO.

Update all new JCH rows and set the jchstry.jchstry_dscrptn equal to ‘*** PO LINES CANCELLED ***’.  To avoid creating new unbilled costs, set jchstry.jchstry_rfrnce_ar_invce_id equal to the AR Invoice Id shown in the check list viewer.  The Invoice Id is the most recent posted invoice for the PO’s Work Order and Job.

Update all new IMH rows and set the imhstry.imhstry_dscrptn equal to ‘*** PO LINES CANCELLED ***’.