Registry Start Compute Corporate Metrics (sys-start-scmptecrprtmtrcs)


This registry may be used to configure the initial setting for this function.

Related Registries:

See Registry Compute Metrics for an option to refined the calculation of Inventory Turns.

Important Fields:

Registry Id: sys-start-scmptecrprtmtrcs

Set Initial Values

Initial values for the Lead Time Add On and Stock Days fields may be set via registry; these values may be overridden by the user. In the following example, the initial value of the Lead Time Add On is set to 10, the Stock Days to 30, and the Show Log box is set to checked.

Setting Key: InitialValueFor~crprtmtrcs.ld-tme-add-on Setting Value: 10

Setting Key: InitialValueFor~crprtmtrcs.stck-dys Setting Value: 30

Setting Key: InitialValueFor~crprtmtrcs.shw-lg   Setting Value: true