Start Compute GMP Special Revenue

Start Compute GMP Special Revenue (Automated)


These starter functions compute and post the revenue adjustments (fees) needed for some GMP type jobs. This special revenue will be posted to Job History as Job Journal entries (of type Actual) so that they will be available for progress invoicing.  The Job Journal Parent Date/Period is set from the first child line.

The Job Journal's header Description will be set to "GMP Special Revenue". The revenue will appear on the Job Journal's Expenses tab.  The Description on Expense detail will indicate the calculation used to determine the fee:

$33.00 * 10.0000% - $0.00 (Daily Basis Base Revenue * GMP % - Posted Revenue)

The Automated version is designed to be run as a scheduled event at least daily.  The Automated version is also launched for a specific Job when it is loaded into Record Billing Adjustments.

Registry Entries:

Registry for Start Compute GMP Special Revenue provides an optional override for the date.

Registry Record Billing Adjustments specifies the Job Cost Code Id for GMP Rev Adjustments; this registry is required for GMP Billing.

Important Fields:

As Of GMP Date:
This field specifies the date as of which the Special Revenue is computed. It will default to today's date unless otherwise specified via registry.

Job Id:
This filter allows the user to limit the Jobs this function is run for.