Start Create Rental Billing

This function is used to generate rental billings associated with Assets as a Rental Invoice type Work Order. Rental billings are defined by the presence of an Asset Id on the Client Site PM Billing Tab. Unlike PM invoices, the Rental revenue is written to the WO-Other Tab, not the WO-RevAdjust Tab.

This function generates Rental Invoices from the Client Site PM Billing tab. The Asset Id must be complete in the PM Billing line for it to be eligible for Rental Billing.

In previous releases, this function skipped all Sites flagged as Inactive, and did not consider the Date Closed (which could be in the future). In this release, this validation is refined so that Site with a future Date Closed will not be skipped when this function is run, even if it is flagged as Inactive.

Create Rental Billing Spreadsheet

When this function is run, the system generates a .cvs file listing the results of this function into the directory specified by the dbreportfiles registry option. It will list the following information:

Bill Date - Amount Billed - Amount Earned - Site Name - Site Id - Invoice Description - Invoice Id

Billing entries that include only the amortization of the revenue are listed at the beginning of the report, and will be indicated as such.


See Registry Start Create Rental Billing for details on setting default Job Cost Category and other values for this function.

Important Fields: Initial Screen

Period Id:
Enter an active Accounting Period Id (or double-click to select from a list.). This function validates that the selected Accounting Period is "active" and that Start & End Dates selected are BOTH valid dates within the Accounting Period.

Start Date: End Date:
These fields define range of Bill Dates (on the Client Site PM Billing tab) for which this function will create invoices. Enter the Start Date and End Date in mmddyyyy format or double-click on this field to access the Calendar viewer to do so.

Client Id:
If you only wish to generate Rental Invoices for a specific client (as specified in the PM Billings Job record), enter the appropriate Client Id(s).

Client Site Id:
If you only wish to generate Rental Invoices for a specific site enter the appropriate Client Site Id(s).

Branch Id
To only create Rental Invoices for specific branches, enter the Branch Id.

Project Id:
If you only wish to generate Rental Invoices for Jobs associated with a specific Project, enter the appropriate Project Id(s).

Important Fields: Checklist Screen

This checklist appears after you click the Go button in the initial Create Rental Billing function screen. It enables you to verify which scheduled Rental Billings will be invoiced.

Important Fields:

This field enables you to select which Billings should be generated. A check mark appears in the Ok field if an item is selected. Double-click on the Ok field to select or deselect an item (or press the Spacebar when the caret appears on this field).

Bill Date:   Bill Amount: Client Site Name:  Client Site Id:
Amount Earned:  Invoice Detail:
The above fields are displayed for informational purposes so that you can verify which billings should be generated.