Start Generate Recurring Labor Entries


This function may be used to generate labor journal entries for workers that typically record a standard number of hours to a particular job or jobs. These journal entries may then be edited if needed. This function also supports expenses entered on the Employee Recurring Other tab for expenses that will be applied to a job and reimbursed to the employee on his or her payroll check. Managerial, IT or administrative workers whose hours are always applied to overhead jobs would be good candidates for this function.

The Bonus Amount field on the Employee's Recurring Wages tab may be used to pay flat per-period amounts such as Car Allowances. It will be written to the corresponding Bonus field in the Labor Journal when this function is run.  If the Bonus Amount field is completed, the Hours field should be blank, and an appropriate Pay Type must be selected (Hours Type and Category should both be set to Other).


This function uses the Recurring Wages tab of the Employee record to determine the hours that should be applied to the selected payroll period. The days specified on the Recurring Wages tab should map to the time period covered by the payroll period. If the Start/End Dates of the Recurring lines on the Employee record intersect at ANY point within the Period Start/End (work) dates, then the line qualifies as "eligible" for this function.

Operation Lockdown:
If the Cost Category’s Job Use field (All, Direct or Indirect) conflicts with the status of the Overhead field in the Job record, a warning/error will be displayed, and the Labor Journal transaction(s) will not be added. Typically, a suitable Cost Category should be selected on the Employee Recurring Wages/Recurring Other tabs before rerunning this function.

The system will not allow you to generate hours to a payroll period / employee that has already been paid.


Registry Start Generate Recurring Labor Entries (allow zero hour lines)

Important Fields: Initial Range Screen

Pay Period Id:
Enter the Pay Period for which you wish to generate the Labor Journal Entries. This field is required.

Employee Id:
To limit the labor journal entries to a particular employee or employees, enter their Id’s (or a comma-delimited list of Id’s).

Branch Id:
To limit the labor journal entries to a particular employee or employees, enter their Id’s (or a comma-delimited list of Id’s).

This field defines the cycle for which this recurring entry would be generated. For example, M (monthly), Q (quarterly), W (weekly), P (payroll period) and so on. The Generate Recurring Labor Entries function checks this field against the Cycle Code that you entered on the Recurring Wages tab of the Employee Record. It is recommended that a Cycle Code always be specified when running this function.

Executive PR:
If you are an Executive Payroll user, this field will default to Y; to run this function for all employees (Executive or not) clear this range. If your User record is not flagged as Executive Payroll, you will only be able to run this function for other non-Executive users even if you clear the filter.

 Click the Go button to continue.

Important Fields: Checklist Screen

This field enables you to select which employees should have labor journal entries generated for them. A check appears in the Do field if an item is selected; by default, all Employees are selected. Double-click on the Do field to select or deselect an item (or press the Spacebar when the caret appears on this field).

Employee Name: Hours:
The above fields are displayed for informational purposes so that you can verify which entries should be generated.

Important Buttons:

Click the Check button to check (select) every item on the list.
 Click to de-select every item on the list.
Click to generate the selected labor journal entries.