Start Job Cost Allocation


This function streamlines the process of creating job journal entries to allocate material, labor or subcontractor costs among jobs.


This function allocates the cost dollars that you enter proportionally among the job cost history entries that it finds for the jobs that you filtered on in the initial screen. If you attempt to allocate dollars to a category where no job cost entries exist, zero dollars will be applied.

Typically, this function would be run at the end of the month (or other time period) to allocate stock materials costs among the active jobs for a particular time period (e.g., the stock materials in a sheet metal shop). It enables you to apply costs associated to inventory reductions that have not previously been assigned to specific jobs for multiple jobs simultaneously.

Important Fields: Initial Screen

Start Date: End Date:
These fields define the effective date range of job cost history transactions the function will consider when generating the allocation amounts.

Post Date:
The effective date of the Job Journal entries generated by this function.

Period Id:
The Accounting Period the Job Journal entries will be assigned to.

Briefly describes this transaction (e.g., stock materials allocation).

Labor Category:
Materials Category:
Other Category:
Subcontract Category:
Select the appropriate Cost Category to be used in the Job Journal entries the system will create. You need only select a Cost Category for those types of costs you wish to allocate.

Labor Apply:
Materials Apply:
Other Apply:
Subcontract Apply:
Enter the total cost to be allocated to the Job Journal entries the system will create. You need only enter amounts for those types of costs you wish to allocate.

Job Type Id:
Job Source Id:
Project Manager Id:
Job Id:

Tax Group Id:

These fields enable you to limit the jobs that will be considered for the allocation. If you leave these fields blank, all jobs with job cost history entries (with cost types corresponding to your selections) within the defined date range will be considered.

Job Cost Code Id:
Job Billing Item Id:
These fields enable you to further refine the allocation to only those jobs having job cost history entries for specific Cost Code and/or Billing Item Id’s.

image\go.gif Click the Go button when you are ready to continue.

Important Fields: Checklist Screen

As of this release, journal entries will be made for all items on the checklist, regardless of whether or not the Do field is flagged. If you do not want this function to continue, cancel out of the checklist with the X button. Run the Job Cost Allocation function again, refining the initial screen filters as needed.

Job Id: Cost Code: Bill Item:
Labor Cost: Labor Apply:
Material Cost: Material Apply:
Other Cost: Other Apply:
Sub Cost: Sub Apply:
These fields display the job costs used to calculate the allocation, as well as the amount that will be applied if you continue the function.

image\go.gif Click the Go button to confirm the allocations and create the Job Journal entries.