Start Kimmons1 File Import


This function allows Flat Rate data to imported from Profit Strategies' Kimmons1 type files. A Kimmons2 type file is not used by this import.  The Profit Strategies Kimmons1 files this function imports do NOT include a header record.  


A registry setting allows a fourth level of flat rate pricing imports to be enabled.  Data will be imported from Third-party developer Profit Strategies files. Click Registry Flat Rate for details.  


The function will read the Kimmons1 file and proceed to create/update the Flat Rate Categories.  If the corresponding Flat Rate Id exists it will be updated and the date updated will be changed; if the Flat Rate Id does not exist it will be created and the date created field loaded.  This function will ignore all Child Tab updates/creation.  Any data which already exist on any of the child tabs (Labor, Inventory, Material) is unaffected by the Import: it would be up to the user to adjust these if needed.  No Kimmons2 records will be processed.

Important Fields:

Cost Category:
Enter the Job Cost Category to be used on the Parent portion of the Flat Rate Categories.

 When the Go button is clicked, a Windows browser will be opened to allow the user to select the appropriate file. Once the file is selected, the Flat Rate Categories will be updated/created automatically.