Start Merge Client Sites


This function may be used to merge jobs and equipment associated with one Site to another Site.  This would typically be done if a new Site was created in error when it already existed in the database.

Access to this function should be limited to supervisory personnel.

Important: Entries on the Site's PM Billing tab will also be merged.  Caution should be observed if both Sites reference manual PM Billing or Master Contract records.



The Client specified on the Merge From and Merge To Site's COP Tabs must match; an error will be displayed if this is not the case.

The WO Other tab on the Merge From and Merge To Sites must both be blank.

The Equipment Id's on the Merge From and Merge To Sites must not include any duplicates. You must edit the Equipment Ids so they are unique before you can merge the Sites.

When this function is run, Site Id references to the Merge From Client Site will be changed to the Merge To Client Site in the Client Order, Work Order, Equipment, Opportunity, Web Log, Job and Master Contract records.

Once the function has been run successfully, the Merge From Site will be deleted.

Important Fields:

Merge From Site:
This is the Site that you want to merge from; all Equipment, Client Orders, Jobs, Opportunities, Web Logs, Master Contracts and Quotes which previously pointed to this Site will be updated to point to the Merge To Site. The Merge From Site will be deleted when this function is completed.

Merge To Site:
This is the Site you want to merge to and retain.

Important Buttons:

Click the Go button to run this function.