Start Move Generic Documents


Some users 'print' to a generic text printer; this may generate a file with NO FILENNAME EXTENSION instead of paper. In some cases, the file is written to the directory containing the SAMPro executable which clutters up the folder. In this function, 'generic document' refers to these files, not SAMPro Document records.

If the Registry Start Move Generic Document exists, this function will move all files with no filename extension from the SAMPro base directory to the DestinationDirectory specified in the registry. If this registry does not exist, running the function will have no impact on your files. This function designed to be run 'headless' so that it can be scheduled to run as a scheduled event.

If there is an exception list of files in the registry these files will not be moved. If the file already exists in the DestinationDirectory then a count will be added to the file name before it is stored. Special Characters in File names will be replaced by UnderScore before file is moved.


Start Move Generic Document