Start Payroll GL Import


This Starter function allows for the import of a PR GL file from a payroll service; currently, Wells Fargo is supported. A GL Journal entry will be created when this function is successfully run. You may need to run Start Update Function and enable Start Payroll GL Import in your User Group to access it. Note that the v.rgstry must have PRInterface enabled in order to run this function.

Once the file is obtained from the payroll service, it should be loaded on your system at a location where your SAM Pro user can browse to.

Wells Fargo Format

The Wells Fargo import file is comma-delimited. The first row is a header row, and is ignored by the import. The columns are defined as follows:

Columns 1: Wells Fargo info, skipped by the import

Column 2: Skipped (user enters date when function is run)

Column 3: GL Account Id

Column 4: GL Entity Id

Column 5: Debits

Column 6: Credits

Columns 7-9: Skipped by the import


The Registry Payroll GL Import is required to import payroll data from Wells Fargo.

Range Screen:

Period Id:
The Accounting Period these transactions will be assigned to.

Effective Date:
The effective date of the transactions: this date must fall within the Accounting Period.

Transaction Description:
This field will be used to generate the Description in the GL Journal header generated when this function is run.

Path Name of Import File:
Browse Files Button:
Enter the name of the file that you wish to import or use the button to bring up a browser to help you do so.

Preview File Button:
Once you have selected a file, this button enables you to view its contents to confirm that it is the correct one. If the file format is incorrect, the system will warn you that ‘The Specified File Does Not Appear To Be A Properly Formatted Payroll Import File’.

 When you are satisfied that the correct import file is selected, click the Go button. The system will confirm that the file has been imported. You will only be allowed to import properly formatted files.

The following validations will be made:

A test is made to check the total debits in the import file against the total debits in any GL Journal entry; if these are equal, the user will be warned that this file may already have been posted, and the use is given the opportunity to proceed or exit.  Multiple GL Journal entries could possibly show in the warning message.

The system will validate that total debits = total credits.

The system will validate that all GL Accounts and GL Entities referenced in the file actually exist in the database.