Start Post Remote Time Sheet


This starter function enables you to post time card entries created via the Remote Time and Expense Entry Applet.


Required for posting time when the Remote Time & Expense Applet is implemented on your system as discussed in Remote Time and Expense Applet Setup.

Important Fields: Range Screen

Pay Period Id:
Enter the Id of the Payroll Period to post (or double-click on this field to select from a list). This field is required. The Period Start and End dates will be displayed when you select a Pay Period.

Post Start Date: Post End Date:
Enter the Start and End dates of remote entries to include in the post; you may enter the dates in mmddyyyy format or double-click to enter the date from the calendar viewer. These dates should fall within the Pay Period Start and End dates.

Post Effective Date:
The Effective Date for posting the entries. If you leave this field blank, the Effective Dates will default from the information entered in the applets. You may enter the date in mmddyyyy format; press Spacebar to enter today's date (use the + and - keys to add or subtract a day).

Employee Id:
To post all remote time entries for this payroll period, leave this range blank. To post only for one employee, enter his/her Id number (or double-click to select from a list). Several employees may be selected for the post by entering their Id's, separated by commas.

Remote Time Sheet Group:
This range references the Remote Time Group field on the Employee Record’s_W2_Info_Tab. If you wish to post time for all employees, leave this field empty. To post remote time for a specific Remote Time Group, enter the Remote Time Sheet Group designation in this range.

image\go.gif Click the Go button when the range screen is completed and you are ready to continue.

Important Fields: Checklist Screen

This screen is used to verify which time and expense entries will be posted.

Important Fields:

This field enables you to select which remote entries will be posted. By default, all entries are selected.

Double-click on the Do field to deselect or reselect an item (alternately, press the spacebar when the caret appears on this field. Refer to the Important Buttons section of this Help topic for details on selecting or deselecting all items.

Total Hours: Total Other: Employee Id: Employee Name:
These fields are displayed for informational purposes so that you can verify which time and expense should be posted.

Important Buttons:

image\check.gif Click the Check button to check (select) every item on the list.

image\checkoff.gif Click to de-select every item on the list. image\go.gif Click to post the selected entries.