Start Process TimeAnywhere Files


This function processes Submitted (but not yet Posted) TimeAnywhere Labor, Expense and Break records to the Message table.  The Start TimeAnywhere Post function then uses these Messages to construct Labor Journal Entries for the time/expenses entered.


The related Start Process TimeAnywhere Files (Automated) function may be used to process TimeAnywhere data as a Scheduled Event.

Important Fields:

Start Date:  End Date:
These fields define the range of effective dates for time, expenses and breaks which will be processed.

By Date?
If this field is checked, each Message will be limited to a single day for that Employee/Pay Period. This will result in Labor Journal Entries being generated for a single day per Employee when the TimeAnywhere post is run.

Employee Id:
To process TimeAnywhere records for all eligible employees, leave this field blank. To limit this run to a specific employee, enter his Id. A series of employees can be specified by listing Employee Id's separated by commas: 1001,1005,1025.