Start Registry Export

This function allows the user to export a registry entry, or set of registry entries, to the file system as an XML file. In the case of multiple registry entries, all the entries are encapsulated in a single XML file.


This function would typically be run to provide Data-Basics support with your registry settings for analysis or upgrading purposes. It is recommended that ONLY the system administrator at a client installation be given access to this function.

See Start Registry Import for details on importing registry entries.

Important Fields:


The user may specify one or more registry id’s to export, or double-click to select from a list.

Example: to export all folder-viewer registry entries: sys-folder%

Example: to export all registry entries: %

When you click the Go button, the system will ask you to select a directory to export the XML file to. Be sure to note the location and filename so that you can easily locate the file.