Start Registry Import

This function allows the user to import a registry entry, or set of registry entries, from an XML file. This function is particularly useful for making changes to the Folders viewer and dispatch board defaults with files provided by your support representative.


This function would typically be run to import registry entries provided by Data-Basics support. It is recommended that ONLY the system administrator at a client installation be given access to this function.

See Start Registry Export for details on exporting a registry entry.

If multiple or critical entries will be imported, it is strongly recommended the Export Registry function be run to export ALL registry entries to a safe location before running the import.

Important Fields:

Replace Entries:
If this box is checked, the import will automatically replace any existing registry entries. If it is not checked and a duplicate is encountered, the user will be asked if the entry should be replaced.

Prepend Key With:
The contents of this field will be pre-pended to the key of all imported entries. This allows the imported entries to be evaluated or edited before removing the prepended values so the entry is ‘live’.

Enter TEST to prepend the imported entries with TEST. In this case, sys-newcall would be imported as TESTsys-newcall.

Append Key With:
The contents of this field will be appended to the key of all imported entries. This would allow you to important entries that, for example, would only be available to one user. This would allow for a test environment for one user to test these settings.

Enter - - userid (where userid is replaced by a valid user id and there are no spaces between the two dashes) to import a registry entry for that specific user (sys-newcall- - userid)

image\go.gif When you click the Go button, the system opens a browser window so that you can select an XML file to import.