Start Release Work Orders


If Required Resources are present on a Work Order generated by Create PM Work Orders or from New Call, the Technician Status (the Log Type Id on the Technician tab) will be set to Waiting Parts, regardless of the default settings for this type of technician.

The purpose of this function is to find qualified Waiting Parts-type WOs that can be changed to Waiting Service (or Unacknowledged).  SAM Pro looks at the status of the individual Technician lines when evaluating Work Orders, not the Work Order Escalation Status. Specifically, the Log Status on the Tech tab line is set to the default value for that kind of tech - either Waiting Service or Unacknowledged (as specified on the Technician Web Access tab) or via registry (sys-web-access) unless the Registry Start Work Order Release entry is implemented to set the Log Status to a specific value (typically, Parts Received).


This function is design to be used as part of the Material Requisitioning process to alert technicians that their parts are available for transfer from the stage area to their trucks with the Start Work Order (Tech) Material Pickup.

This functions doesn't change the WO status from Waiting Parts to the Tech's default status (or a value set via registry) unless all requisitioned parts are transferred and all related WO PO line items have been received. In Version 9.1, an additional test is made to verify that there are also no unvouchered PO-SUB lines when $Based POs are being used. This version also eliminates the requirement that Work Orders must have Required Resource entries to be eligible for this function to support the scenario that a Work Order references only a PO with $Based Sub lines.


Registry Start Work Order Release .

Important Fields: Range Screen

WorkOrder Id: Site Id:
To limit this function to a specific Work Order or Client Site, enter its Id in the appropriate range. More than one record may be specified:

Multiple Id's (commas): 100005,100010,100015
Range of Id's (underscore): 100005_100015
Greater Than an Id: >100010

Tech Status:
This is a required field. By default, this range is initially set to assess Work Orders completed fulfilled Require Resources (or no Required Resources) and Technician Lines set to the following statuses: Waiting Parts, or Parts Ordered.

This range may be adjusted by the user if needed (for example, setting it to only Waiting Parts).

Branch Id:
Reserved for future use in Version 8.0 and below.

Version 8.1 and Up: The Branch Id range may be changed by the user to allow filtering Work Orders by their Branch.

image\SKIN1_Go.gif Click the Go button to proceed.

Important Fields: Checklist

A work order will appear on this list if

It includes Required Resources that have been completely fulfilled:

 All Shop Orders have been filled and transferred to the Staging area

 All Purchase Orders have been fully received

In version 8.0 and below only, it has no Required Resources or Purchase orders, but is a Waiting Parts-type work order.

This field enables the user to select the Work Orders that will have their Technician lines updated.

A check appears in the Do field if an item is selected; by default, all eligible Work Orders are selected. Double-click on the Do field to deselect an item (or press the Spacebar when the caret appears on this field). Refer to the Important Buttons section below for details on selecting or deselecting all items.

Work Order Id: Site Id: Work Order Type: Tech Id:
The above fields are displayed for informational purposes so that you can verify which Shop Transfer Orders should be generated.

Important Buttons:

image\SKIN1_Check.gif Click the Check button to check (select) every item on the list.

image\SKIN1_CheckOff.gif Click to de-select every item on the list.

image\SKIN1_Go.gif Click to Release the selected Work Orders.