Start Job Invoice Reverse


Automatically make reversing entries for a Job and Service Invoices that have been posted to AR. In addition, this function automatically generates the Job Invoice Reversal report that specifies the AR Sales Journal entries generated as a result of running this function.


Assume that you have computed, printed and posted a Job Invoice that should not yet have been invoiced. By running this function, the items invoiced will effectively be returned to their pre-invoiced status. When it is time to invoice this job, you must re-compute, print and post it.


This function will not let you reverse an invoice if it has been receipted in AR Cash Receipts for a positive dollar amount. PM (Project Manager) filtering has been applied to this records; only those Invoices corresponding to the user’s PM Filter may be reversed.

This function runs by checking all Sales Journal entries pertaining to the Invoice you wish to reverse, and then automatically generates a new Sales Journal entry to accomplish the reversal. In addition, all Time and Materials entries will be marked as not being invoiced, so that they will be eligible for re-invoicing.

PM Invoices
The default behavior of Start Compute Job Invoices is now to deny the reversal of PM Invoices. The PM Billing Schedule should be used as the one-and-only source for PM Billing adjustments; the preferred method to reverse PM Invoices is by:

1- Adding a new line (with the appropriate negative values) to the Client Site PM Schedule

2- Run Compute PM Billing

3- Print the Negative Dollar invoice

A registry entry is available to allow (with a warning) the reversal of PM Invoices.

Reversing a COD Invoice

To Reverse a COD invoice, the user must remove the Cash/Check Receipt payment on the Work Order COD tab before using the Job Invoice Reverse process.  If the Work Order's COD tab references more than 1 invoice number (i.e. deposit invoice & balance due invoice) care should be taken not to reverse all the invoices at the same time, otherwise the 1st invoice to be re-process will include all the COD payments.  


Registry Start Job Invoice Reverse


Important Fields:

Job Id:
The Job the invoice was created for. Enter the Job Id directly or double-click on this field to select from a list.

Invoice Id:
Enter the Id (or double-click to select from a list) of the Invoice that you wish to reverse. Only one invoice may be reversed at a time. Only Invoices corresponding to the user’s PM (Project Manager) Filter may be selected. See the PM Invoices information in the Usage section about for information on handling this type of invoice.

Service Invoices:
When reversing a service invoice, the user is now prompted with: "You are reversing and invoice related to Work Order <wrkordr_id). Would you like to set the Work Order Status to Invoice Ready?" If the user clicks yes, the system changes any work order technician lines currently set to Billed to Invoice Ready and recalculates the Escalation Status. If the user clicks no, the system reverses the invoice but doesn't change the WO Escalation status / tech lines.

Accounting Period Id:
Enter the Accounting Period the reversing entries should be made to. This period should be Active, with AR, GL and JC History enabled.

Date Effective:
Enter the Effective Date of the reversing transactions, or double-click to access the Calendar viewer to do so. The Effective Date must fall within the Accounting Period.

Validation prevents the reversal's Effective Date from preceding the invoice's original Effective Date.When this reversal function is run, the Invoice Master will retain its the original Effective Date,but write the reversal's Effective Date to the Invoice Reversed Effective Date fields in the Invoice Master record. The Accounting Period and Description of the reversal will also be written to the application Invoice Reversed fields.

Important Buttons:

image\go.gif Click to begin the invoice reversal and print the Reverse Job Invoice report.