SubAnywhere Overview


SubAnywhere is a web-enabled module which allows your Subcontractors to

Accept or decline your work assignments

Review the Work Requested and other pertinent Work Order information

Update the Work Order's Status

Add negotiated charges to the Purchase Order associated with the Work Order

Set up records for their own Techs: a special mobile web version of SubAnywhere allows these Techs to access Work Order information and make status updates

Submit Quotes for additional work

Update and download documents (such as PDF's and photos)

SubAnywhere includes easy-to-understand Help available from each of its pages. In addition, you may contact your support rep or access the User Forum for a Powerpoint presentation on using and setting up SubAnywhere.


See sys-subanywhere for required and related registries.

Setting Up SubAnywhere

Your support representative will set up the basic framework of SubAnywhere, but the following records may need to be updated in SAMPro:

Technician Record:

Main Tab:  Vendor Id is specified

Web Access Tab: Web Access = Subcontractor, Device = SubAnywhere

Vendor Record:

Defaults Tab: verify that the Rate Schedule Id is properly completed. SubAnywhere only allows the Other Rates on the selected Schedule to be entered.  

Rate Schedules  for Vendors:

Only the Other Rate column needs to be completed.  The Other Rate Table defines which Other Rates your Subs will be allowed to choose in SubAnywhere from their drop-down charges list.

Other Rate Tables for Vendors:

If you have negotiated rates, the Rate column should be completed with the price the Sub will charge your company; SubAnywhere users will NOT be able override the price or description when they enter this charge.

If the Rate column is empty,  the SubAnywhere user can enter price and unique description.

Site Equipment:

Main Tab: An override to the Vendor’s Rate Schedules may be specified in the Equipment record's Service Provider / Rate Schedule field.  For example, special higher negotiated rates might exist for equipment located in Manhattan. In this case, this override would be use to generate the Charges drop down list in SubAnywhere for this equipment.

Escalation Profiles:

Please discuss with your support rep.

Registry for Documents Uploads / Download (see sys-netframework for a required registry entry to define the upload folder)

Scheduled Event for Document Upload / Download

Your support rep should set these up with consultation from your IT department.

Staging Tables for SubAnywhere

These tables will automatically be added to the database when SubAnywhere is run for the first time, with the applicable zero records. Information entered by the Subs will held in the staging tables when it saved but not submitted in SubAnywhere.  When work is submitted from SubAnywhere it will be posted from the staging tables to the applicable SAMPro Work Order and PO tables, and deleted from the staging tables.

Statuses in SAMPro vs SubAnywhere

The following status mapping is used to make the status that your Sub see will be meaningful to them. For example, when a Sub has marked a Work Order as Completed on their end, your dispatcher will see it as wait paperwork as additional paperwork is needed on your firm's end to bill your client and handle the PO.








Waiting Service


On Site


Return Trip


Waiting Parts





wait paperwork

Quote Declined

wait paperwork

Needs Quote




Quote Submitted


Quote Approved

quote approved



A Powerpoint with additional detail is available.


Start NetFramework Post

The Start NetFramework Post function provides a SubAnywhere Scheduled Event Manager for Document Uploads. Specifically, it handles messages for SAMNetFramework applications such as SubAnywhere. Currently, this function supports handling Document Uploads in a fashion similar to DashboardEventManager and Start Dashboard Post.  This function should be implemented by adding the Start NetFramework Post to a scheduled event to be run at an interval of your choosing.

See sys-netframework for a required registry entry to define the upload folder.


Work Order SubQuote Tab

This tab will be updated from the SubAnywhere module's Quotes tab.

Costing and other information (but not pricing) will be imported from this tab by the Quote Scope's Import Sub Quote wizard.

The number of this item/charge being quoted.

Other Rate Id:
The Other Rate being quoted.  

Tech Id:
The Subcontractor quoting this work

Unit Cost:   Extended Cost:
The Cost of the item/item being quoted. This is the price the Subcontractor is charging for the work. These fields will be defaulted from SubAnywhere.  Manual entries to this tab do not default the cost.

Unit Price:  Extended Price:
These fields will be ignored by the Quote Scope's Import Sub Quote wizard; the markup rules defined in the Scope (Rate Schedule, Markup % or Gross Margin %) will be applied to the imported costs to determine the Scope's revenues.

Description:  Other Rate Description:
The Description field must be completed in order for this line to be imported into a Quote Scope; this field will default from SubAnywhere.  The display-only Other Rate Description appears for informational purposes.

Equipment Id:
This field must be completed in order for this line to be imported into a Quote Scope.

Quotes: Importing from the Work Order SubQuote Tab

This functionality is available on the Quote Scope's Main tab and Quotemaster's Scope Tab.


This functionality is designed for use with SubAnywhere. When clicked a wizard will be launched to import costing information from the SubQuote tab of the WO referenced in the Quote Manager/Master header. When the costs are imported, the markup rules defined in the Scope (Rate Schedule, Markup % or Gross Margin %) are applied to the imported costs to determine the Scope's revenues. This will be done even if Revenue has been entered on the Work Order's SubQuote tab.

Note: Wizard Requirements
If no lines from the WO SubQuote Tab match the Equip. Id on the Scope, a message stating “No Sub Quote lines found to import matching the Equipment Id on the Scope” will appear.

If the WO Id is not completed in the Quote Manager, the following message will be displayed:  “No Sub Quote lines found to import matching the Work Order Id on the Quote”.

Create PM WOs: SubAnywhere PO's

When a PO is generated for a SubAnywhere Tech, the initial PO status is now set to Released if it will include GEN lines. This prevents SubAnywhere users from adding charges to PO's that already have the a cost associated with it from the Equipment's PM Schedule's Contract Cost.  The Status for a SubAnywhere PO was will be set to Unreleased if no GEN lines are included so that the SubAnywhere user may add charges to the PO.