Supervisor Viewer


This record allows a Supervisor to be specified when Labor is entered. This information is written to Job History so that a record of the Supervisor responsible for each labor entry line is maintained; this information may be used to support a custom Safety Incident Analytic.

The Supervisor Id may be specified in the detail lines of the following journals:  Job Journal, Labor Journal, Time Labor and Work Order Labor. The Magnify button must be used to access the Supervisor field in these records.


The Supervisor is set when time is entered via a specific custom time entry screen; this information is imported to SAMPro so that it is included in Job History.   TimeAnywhere may be customized to support the entry of the Employee's Supervisor; contact your Account Manager for additional information.

Important Fields:

Supervisor Id:  Supervisor Name:
These fields identify the Supervisor.

Contact Id:
The Contact record associated with this Supervisor. The phone, fax and email contact information shown below defaults from the Contact record.

Employee Id:
The Supervisor's Employee Id.