Switch Security Identity


This function enables the user to switch their security level (and, optionally their user group) without logging in under a different id. This feature is useful for administrators logging on to maintain branch data.


References the Security table in the User record.


When the user logs on, their security level will be as defined in the main (upper) section of the User record. If their security table is empty, the user will not be able to switch security. If their security table contains one or more lines, they will be able to switch to one of the alternate securities listed in their table.

To do so from the menu, select



  Switch Security Identity


Alternately, the Switch Security Identity function may be accessed from the Special tab of the Folders viewer.

Next, the system will display a box listing the alternative securities available for this user; simply click on the desired security to log on. The user's current security id will appear in the title bar of the Data-Basics windows.