Technician Evaluation Summary Tab


This tab displays the results of the most recent evaluation completed for this Technician, and is set by the system when the Compute Technician Evaluation is run. This evaluation is based on the data in the Evaluation tab of Work Orders for which this Technician was the Primary Work Order Technician.

Important Fields:

Question: Goal:
These fields default from the Service Evaluation records referenced during the evaluation.

Points Available: Points Earned:
These fields indicate how well the Technician did on this evaluation criteria. Points are added to Points Available for answering ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Points are added to Points Earned for answering ‘Yes’. A response of ‘N/A’ or ‘unknown’ impacts neither Points Available nor Points Earned.

Yes No Unknown
These fields display the actual number of responses for this evaluation question. A large number of Unknown’s may indicate the question is difficult to respond to or needs to be reworded. N/A (not applicable) responses are not listed.