Technician Service Zone Tab


Create/maintain the list of service zones this technician is associated with. This table may be used for employee technicians as well as subcontracting technicians.


When you update the Technician’s Service Zone affiliation and save the Technician record, the Technician’s affiliations in the Service Zone records will also be updated. Technician / Service Zone affiliations are used in conjunction with the TechFinder .

Important Fields:

If the contents of this field is set to Yes, the Technician is affiliated with this Service Zone. If the Serves field is blank, the Technician is not associated with this Service Zone.

To set the Serves field to Yes, right-click on it. Right-clicking will also toggle a Yes to a blank if you wish to remove the Zone affiliation.

Double-click on a Service Zone to view the service zone record.

Id Name
The Service Zone Id and Name. Double-click on this field to access the Service Zone viewer.