Technician Time Slot Tab


Time slotting allows call center personnel to easily schedule the starting time of new service Work Orders based on the availability of Time Slots for a given day. The Technician Time Slots Tab: specifies which Time Slots/Days are available for each Technician. See Time Slot Viewer for details.

Important Fields:

Time Slot Id:
If Time Slotting is implemented on your system, add one line for each to the Time Slots this Tech is normally able to fulfill. Overlapping Time Slots should not be selected.

Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday – Saturday – Sunday

Check each of the days this Technician will normally be available for work on this Time Slot. For example, if the Technician normally worked Monday – Friday, but Wednesdays were always reserved for special projects, you would check Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.


This button makes the maintenance of the Technician Time Slots child table easier. When you click the button, a selection window will appear, allowing you to select a Technician to clone the Time Slot entries from. These lines will be added to the Time Slots tab of the technician currently being edited.