Technician Unavailable Tab


Specify the days a technician is unavailable for regular work.


On the Classic board, unavailability is indicated with a red background on the column or row header displaying the Technician’s information for those days that he or she is unavailable. On the Power board, a currently unavailable Technician’s line in the Technician Summary (upper portion of the board) will be displayed in red.

In New Call, if the Technician and Date scheduled are both entered, a Warning will appear saying the Tech is Unavailable when the New Call is saved.

In TechFinder, the word ‘OFF’ will appear on the Technician hours pane if the technician is Unavailable. A Warning will appear saying the Tech is Unavailable if you select an Unavailable date.

In the Work Order Technician Tab, when the Tech Id or Date Scheduled is added or changed, the user will be warned if the Technician is Unavailable.

Unavailable days (as defined on this tab) will reduce the Time Slot inventory if Time Slotting is being used. The Clone Lines button may used to keep these Unavailable days up to date.


To implement this functionality, the following registry option IdentifyUnavailableTechs must be set to true in sys-viewer-vdsptchbrd.

Important Fields:

Schedule Category:
The general reason for the unavailability (e.g., Sick, Jury Duty, Vacation).

An administrator may customize this field via the Custom Fields functionality to change its label, and to define a list of acceptable values for it.

Start Date: End Date:
The days the Tech will not be available for work.

Start Time: and End Time:
These fields are currently used in conjunction with custom job scheduling; they are not used by the standard Unavailable functionality in TechFinder and the Dispatch Board.

Schedule Note:
Any brief notes on this specific unavailable time.

Important Buttons:


This button has makes maintenance of the Technician Unavailable child table easier. When you click the tab, a selection window will appear, allowing you to select a Technician (ideally, a ‘company holiday’ Technician) to copy the current holiday (unavailable) days from. These lines will be added to the Unavailable child tab of the Technician currently being edited.