TimeAnywhere Crew Viewer


This viewer enables 'crews' to be set up so that a crew manager / foreman may enter time for his crew in TimeAnywhere.


In addition to this record, the appropriate configuration setting must be in place in the TimeAnywhere Settings viewer.


See User Registries for options to filter the employees which may be managed by a foreman.

Important Fields: Upper Section

Crew Id:
A unique Id to identify this Crew.

Crew Manager:
Enter the Employee Id of the Crew Manager who will be able to enter time for the Crew defined below.

Important: The TimeAnywhere Type field in the Crew Manager's Employee record (located on the Other tab) MUST be set to Foreman.

Labor Rate Id:
This optional field provides the default Labor Rate for Crew labor entry in TimeAnywhere.

Important Fields: Lower Section

Employee Id:  Employee Name:
Enter the Employees to be included in this TimeAnywhere Crew. An employee may be listed on multiple Crews if needed.