TimeAnywhere Labor Viewer


This record displays labor data generated from TimeAnywhere. When it is flagged as Submitted from the web, it will eligible to be Posted to the Message table via the Start Process TimeAnywhere Files function (which may either be run manually or as a Schedule Event.)  

The Messages are used generate Labor Journal Entries when the Start TimeAnywhere Post function is run.  


This entry may be edited if it has not yet been Posted to the Message table.  If it has been Posted to the Message Table, this record cannot be changed; the associated Labor Journal entry can be edited if changes are needed.

Important Fields:

Time Labor Id:
Generated by the system when the TimeAnywhere entry is created.

Submitted By:
This display-only field Identifies who submitted the hours from TimeAnywhere (either the Employee himself or the Crew Manager/Foreman).

Employee Id:  
The Employee the time was entered for.  This time may have been entered by the Employee, or by the Foreman if the Employee is part of a TimeAnywhere Crew.

Payroll Period Id:
If this field is blank, the Employee was not asked to select a Payroll Period in TimeAnywhere.  SAMPro will select the correct Payroll Period according based on the Date when the time is processed.

If this field is completed, the Employee selected a Payroll Period.  This could if two concurrent Payroll Periods existed for the same date (for example, weekly and bi-weekly Payroll Periods).

Entered in TimeAnywhere.  This field will be used to generate the corresponding Labor Journal Hours detail.

The Effective Date of the work.

Start Time: End Time:
These fields indicate the Start and End Times for this work.  These fields will only be completed if they are enabled in TimeAnywhere.

TimeAnywhere 2.0 supports posting to the Start / Stop times in the Labor Journal if the employee works past midnight (e.g., 11:00 PM - 12:30 AM).  In this scenario the actual hours worked will be assigned to the Date selected by the TimeAnywhere user; the entry will NOT be broken into two entries (for hours before and after midnight).

Labor Rate Id:  Pay Type Id:  
Entered/defaulted in TimeAnywhere.  

The actual hours worked from TimeAnywhere.  This field will be also be used to default Hours Billed when the Labor Journal is generated.

If this field is flagged, these hours are eligible to be posted to the Message table. It is typically set when the TimeAnywhere user marks time for submission.  This field may be changed if needed. This would allow a back office administrator to flag hours as submitted if the TimeAnywhere user forgot to do so before the Payroll Period was over; only Hours flagged as submitted are eligible to be posted to a Message.  Note that this field cannot be changed if the Posted field is checked.

If this field is flagged, this record has been posted to the Message table via the Start Process TimeAnywhere Files function and may not be edited.  

Transaction Id:
This field displays the latest Labor Journal entry associated with this record. In addition the View button also opens the most recent Labor Journal Transaction.

Message Id:
The Message generated for this TimeAnywhere data.  Click the View button to access the Message table.

Message Status:
If the Status is set to Posted, the Message has been posted to the Labor Journal.  If Status is set to Post Pending, it has not yet been posted to the Labor Journal.

Work Order Id - Job Id - Cost Code Id - Billing Item Id - Cost Category Id
These display-only fields detail the Work Order / Job these hours were applied to in TimeAnywhere.