Unanswered Service Evaluation Wizard


This Wizard is used to obtain answers to the Evaluation questions generated by the Work Order’s Evaluation Tab Id field. Note that questions that have already been answered on the Evaluation tab will not be listed in the Wizard. The responses will be written to the Evaluation tab of the work order, and can be used to generate a numerical grade for the primary technician (employee) or service provider (Vendor).


When a work order is created all service evaluation questions from the Work Order’s Service Evaluation table are moved to the Work Order Evaluation child table and the answers are set to unknown.

The Wizard will be invoked when the Work Order is completed or invoiced. This Wizard will be also be invoked when the Work Order Escalation Status is set to the value (or one of the values) defined in the sys-viewer-vwrkordr registry’s GeneralEvaluationLogTypes option. All unanswered questions (including Closings, Invoicing and General questions) will be displayed in the wizard when it is invoked in this fashion.

When the wizard pops up based on the registry setting, ALL unanswered questions will appear, but the user is NOT required to answer any of the questions.

When the 'closing' wizard pops up, any unanswered CLOSING or GENERAL-type questions will appear. The user is NOT required to answer any of the questions.

When the 'invoicing' wizard pops up, ALL unanswered questions will appear. The user IS required to answer each question.

References the Service Evaluation Viewer , Service Evaluation Table Viewer .

Important Fields:

Evaluation Question: Goal:
The question you are answering (and the goal of the question) default from the Service Evaluation Table referenced in this Work Order. Only unanswered questions will appear in the Wizard.

Double-click on this field to select from a list of valid responses, or simply enter a valid reply. Depending on how the Evaluation is set up, a valid answer may be yes, no or N/A.

This optional field enables you to provide a brief explanation of the answer.

This display-only field defaults from the Service Evaluation record, and indicates whether it is a Closing, Invoicing or General question.

Important Buttons:

Click the Finish button when all questions have been answered; the responses will be written to the work order’s Evaluation tab.