Unvouchered Payables in Accounting Period

When Unvouchered Payables is Enabled in the Accounting Period (deprecated)
Since G/L entries are posting at the time of P.O. Receipt, it is important that the P.O. is vouchered in A/P with information that consistently reflects what the P.O. was at the time of receipt. To ensure that this is the case, system validations enforce the following procedures.

1. A P.O. Line may not be changed once receipts have occurred for the item on the line. Edits may be done to lines that have not had receipt transactions recorded to them.

2. If an A/P invoice reflects pricing that is different from the P.O., the edit should be performed in A/P Journal at the time of vouchering. The postings for such edits is properly handled by the A/P Journal.

3. If it is determined that received items were ordered to an incorrect G/L account this edit should also occur in A/P Journal. The procedure to this edit will be to:
- Import the P.O. to the A/P Journal
- ACCEPT the G/L value from the P.O
- ADD the transactions, then edit the G/L Account and
- SAVE the edited transaction

4. In cases where the P.O. MUST be changed, the receipt transaction may be "undone" prior to editing the P.O. Line as long as no A/P transactions have been recorded for the item.