Update WorkOrder


This feature is designed to enable a dispatcher to quickly access the Equipment, Technician, and Call Script tabs, as well as selected fields in the work order header. When you right-click on the selected Work Order on the Dispatch Board (in text view), the system will now offer you the options of Change Status or Update Work Order. Change Status operates as it did before (enabling you to select from a list of statuses to apply to this line). You may need to run Update Function and enable View Work Order Dispatcher for the appropriate User Group and Function records.


Update Work Order opens a Dispatcher's summary of the work order. The Technician, Equipment, Log and Call Script lines may be changed from this view, as well as selected fields in the work order header.

Screen Organization:

The upper section of this screen displays a summary of the primary work order information. These fields are listed below

The tabs on the lower section of this screen display the work order 'child' tables that may be accessed from this view (note that labor, material and other lines are not accessible from this view). Click on the following buttons to see additional information:

image\btn_Equipment.gif image\btn_Technicians.gif image\btn_Call_Script32.gif image\btn_Log.gif

Important Fields: Upper Section

WorkOrder Id: WorkOrder Name:  Original Caller:
Client Site Id: Client Site Name: Site Voice Phone: Site Fax Phone:
WorkCode Id: WorkCode Name: PO #:   Priority: 
Service Zone: Dispatch Note:  Date Opened:  Time Opened:

These display-only fields may not be changed in this view. Most may be altered in the full Work Order view (accessed by double-clicking on a line from the dispatch board).  

Work Requested:
If this Work Order was created from New Call, this field will be populated by the Work Requested field in New Call along with the Work Requested field on the Equipment tab. This field is available for reporting and invoicing purposes.

NTE Client: NTE Sub:
These fields default from the Client Site record but may be changed by the user if necessary. The NTE Sub field is used in conjunction with the Service Provider applet to limit autogenerated PO's to this dollar value.

Payment Type:
This field is typically used to record how the client says they will pay (e.g., Cash, Check, Account, CreditCard, etc.).

Important Buttons:

image\big_pinside.gif image\big_pinhead.gif Normally, when you click the Save record button, the WorkOrder Summary window closes. To enhance performance, you may tack it open. You will be able to access more quickly from the Dispatch Board the next time you select Update WorkOrder.